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Support the Chapel through an online donation.


The Chapel is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization. All gifts to the Chapel qualify as charitable contributions.


Why Give?


Since the Chapel’s first service was held on July 15, 1883 the Siasconset Chapel has served as the spiritual center of the village. Its doors have always been open to all members of the community for prayer, celebrations of weddings, christenings and memorials. The Chapel building and the Great Lawn are made available for community events which nurture the intellect and spirit as well as our annual celebration of July 4th.

The Chapel has always rejoiced in its founding ecumenical principles. In the Annual Report of 1890 the board reported “The truly catholic character of this enterprise is best illustrated by the fact that in the past five Sabbaths, ministers of six different denominations have preached in the Chapel and all cordially unite in the worship of the Living and True God.” We have shared the Chapel with the Catholic congregation for 133 summers and the Mass was celebrated there six years before St. Mary’s received its first permanently assigned Catholic pastor. 

A volunteer board of trustees are responsible for overseeing the budget of the Chapel. We diligently work to maintain the buildings and grounds, to preserve the Columbarium gardens, to provide for excellent pastoral leadership and to grow our important outreach ministry to support Nantucket social service agencies.


The Sconset Chapel depends upon the generosity of its congregation and the community to provide for the day-to-day operating expenses of running the Chapel. Two of our sixteen Sunday Plates are dedicated to our Outreach ministry. The remaining fourteen offertories go to provide for our operating expenses.


Each fall, the Chapel reaches out to all congregants on its mailing list and asks them to prayerfully consider the important role the Chapel plays in their spiritual life as they make their annual financial commitment to the Chapel. These contributions are necessary to fill the gap between our Sunday Plate income and our annual operating expenses.


In 2009, the trustees determined that it was prudent to establish an endowment to enable the Chapel to continue and expand its mission as a spiritual house of worship and gathering place in the village. A second endowment was established for the perpetual care and maintenance of the Columbarium. The trustees have approved a distribution policy from the endowments. The distribution from the General Endowment is primarily used to supplement our Outreach mission. The distribution from the Columbarium Endowment supports the upkeep of the Columbarium garden. The Chapel welcomes charitable contributions to the General Endowment and welcomes congregants and members of the community to remember the Chapel in their will or estate.


  • Online
    You may click on the links at the top of this page to make an online gift using your credit card.



  • CASH
    Donations in the form of a personal or business check can be made out to Siasconset Union Chapel or Siasconset Union Chapel General Endowment and posted to Siasconset Chapel, P.O. Box 400, Siasconset, MA 02564.

    Make a contribution in honor or memory of a friend or loved one and we will send an acknowledgement of your gift to the individual or family.

    Many employers sponsor matching gift programs and will match any charitable contributions made by their employees. To find out if your company has a matching gift policy contact your human resource department, request a matching gift form from your employer, and send it completed and signed with your gift. We will do the rest. Some companies also match gifts made by retirees and/or spouses.

    A gift of appreciated securities involves the donation of stocks and other assets that have increased in value over time (a year or more) and will enable the donors to deduct the market value of the securities. In effect, the donor is gifting the cost basis and the capital gain on the securities to the Chapel and therefore, the donor is not required to pay capital gains tax on the appreciation. Alternatively, if the donor were to sell the stock and donate the proceeds, the donor would be responsible for the payment of capital gains on the sale.

    The date of your gift will be the date on which the ownership of the securities is actually transferred into the account of the Siasconset Union Chapel or the Siasconset Union Chapel General Endowment. The amount of your gift for tax purposes will be the mean value of the high and low value of the security on the date of transfer, regardless of when your broker received your instructions.

    For information on how to execute a stock transfer please contact Jamie Holt at (610) 574 3634 or email him atjholt@evergreenenv.com or contact Sheila Daume at (508) 680-1801 or email her at trebuzza@comcast.net.

    A charitable remainder trust is a powerful tool that allows donors to receive lifetime annual income, receive a charitable deduction immediately, and make a significant gift to Siasconset Union Chapel or Siasconset Union Chapel General Endowment. A charitable remainder annuity trust pays the donor a fixed income and a charitable remainder unitrust pays the donor income based on the performance of the assets of the trust.

    For example, stock that has increased in value, but perhaps pays almost no dividend, might not be an attractive investment for an individual to hold, but the sale of that stock could result in unwanted capital gains taxes. By placing the stock in a charitable remainder annuity trust to benefit the Chapel, the owner of the stock receives an immediate charitable gift deduction and will receive quarterly guaranteed income from the trust for the rest of his or her life. The stock is sold by the trust and the proceeds reinvested in greater income producing assets. The donor must consult with his or her accountant or tax attorney in setting up such a remainder trust.

    A bequest in a will can be the simplest way to support the Siasconset Union Chapel or the Siasconset Union Chapel General Endowment through planned giving. A donor can make an unrestricted bequest of a set amount of cash or a percentage of an estate. Funds may be left to the Chapel or the General Endowment through a bequest of real estate or other assets. The bequest may be made directly in a will, or a codicil may be added so that the will need not be rewritten.

    A gift of life insurance is an affordable way to make a significant donation to Siasconset Union Chapel or Siasconset Union Chapel General Endowment. Donors may assign a previously existing life insurance policy to Siasconset Union Chapel or Siasconset Union Chapel General Endowment or they may purchase life insurance with Siasconset Union Chapel or Siasconset Union Chapel General Endowment as the owner and beneficiary.


Q. What are the benefits of making a planned gift?

This depends on the kind of planned gift you decide to make and on the goals you have for your giving. Some gifts provide significant tax savings while others provide enhanced current income and a smaller tax deduction. In all cases, the Chapel is the ultimate beneficiary.

Q. Can I establish a charitable trust to benefit more than one charity?

A. Yes. A charitable remainder trust may benefit more than one organization. You need to consult with your tax advisor/accountant on the creation of such a trust.

Q. Should I consult my attorney or estate planner?

A. Yes. The best person with whom to discuss your plans is a qualified attorney estate planner who can assist you in identifying the wisest way to support the Siasconset Union Chapel for your individual or family situation.

Q. Can I be an anonymous planned giving donor?

A. Yes. You may choose to give anonymously for a variety of reasons. That decision is entirely up to you.
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For questions regarding general annual giving:

Please email:

Or write:
P.O. Box 400
Siasconset, MA 02564

The donor should consult with his or her accountant or tax attorney with any questions.