Baptism at the
Siasconset Union Chapel

Baptism is the means by which we become members of the community of believers, defined in the New Testament as the Body of Christ, the Church. Just as Jesus was baptized with water by John the Baptist, we include people in the community of faith by baptizing them with water and calling upon the Holy Spirit to deepen our lives. While we are already a child of God by our creation, baptism is the Christian acceptance of this relationship and an expression of the intention to grow more fully into it. The only effective way to grow into this relationship is by the worship of God in the family of God, the Church.

When parents present a child for Baptism, they answer a series of questions whereby they promise to raise their child in the life of the faith community of the Church and to model the Christian life for them. The efficacy of Baptism is reliant upon honoring of this intention and on the fulfilling of these promises. Your faith community off Island is as important as the faith community here.

During the Baptism as prayers are offered, our memory is enlivened with the history of water used to birth, save and renew life. The waters are blessed, inviting God to effect the candidate’s rebirth. In this moment we seek and accept God’s gracious love as the principle motivator and power in our lives. Gratitude is expressed for God’s grace, for the forgiveness of sin, the gift of an inquiring and discerning heart, a joy in life and for the gift of wonder at all God’s works.

You may read through the service of holy Baptism at this link.

Please be in touch with Mary Will and the Rev. J. Carr Holland III to schedule and arrange a baptism. Please also fill out and return the separate Baptism form.

While it is theologically preferable that Baptism is done in the context of Sunday worship when the community of faith is gathered, that is not always possible. Up to three Sundays a summer can be designated for public Baptism. Otherwise, private Baptisms are usually arranged following the Sunday service at noon.

It is our tradition here to suggest a donation to the Chapel whenever it is used for a private occasion, to help with the upkeep and repairs that are inevitable at its age. In addition, it is customary to offer an honorarium to our minister, The Rev. J. Carr Holland III for his care and service to you in preparing you for the sacrament and coordinating its administration. We suggest $250 for your consideration as appropriate in this regard.

We hope that you will find us welcoming and that as time goes on you will consider us your Nantucket spiritual home and worship with us often. We are honored that you have chosen to celebrate the sacrament of baptism with us at the Chapel and assure you that we will make every effort to give you a joyful and meaningful experience.

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