President's Report

Spring 2018

From all reports, it has been a rather harsh winter on our island. However, as the thousands of daffodils pop up, we begin the countdown to a new season and a return to our special village with all our summer traditions which our families hold dear.

The Chapel’s calendar displays a vibrant schedule of worship services. baptisms weddings and memorial services. Also, we have an array of speakers and events of interest to many of our congregants.

Your board has been active during the winter months addressing budgetary matters along with maintenance of our historical building and the columbarium as well as improvements to our grounds. We are most grateful for your generous financial support which enables the Chapel to carry out its mission.  As you are aware, we are totally dependent upon your gifts to keep us viable. Thank you for recognizing and addressing this need.

As spring awakening begins, we look forward to reuniting with our friends and Chapel community. We cherish our leadership in Carr and his presence amongst us. When we first spot the Vicar, Maxwell and Lady, we know our season is underway

Ray Grubbs
President of the Board of Trustees

Officers 2018–2019

President - Ray Grubbs Treasurer - Jamie Holt
Vice President - Ann Johnson Clerk - Deb Martin
Vice President - Robert Felch Minister - The Rev. J. Carr Holland III

Board of Trustees 2018–2019

Patti Brown Mary Malavase
Robert Felch Daphne McCarthy
Jeffrey Haines Deb Martin
Judy Holding Julia Ogilvy
Jamie Holt Eileen Shields West
George Hubbs George Wilson
Ann Johnson  

Ex-Officio Trustees 2018–2019

President Emeritus Catherine Saynor
President Emeritus Jeffrey Lockhart
President Emerita Mimi Young
Chair - Columbarium Marianne Felch
Chapel Administrator Sheila Daume
Roman Catholic Clergy Father John P. Kelleher

Board Committee Chairs 2018–2019

Buildings George Wilson
Communications Patti Brown
Finance Jamie Holt
Grounds Patti Brown
Investment Jamie Holt
Hospitality Ann Johnson
Outreach Deb Martin
Events Julia Ogilvy
Worship Bob Felch

Standing Committee Chairs 2018–2019

Caretaking Pavlin Vitanov
Columbarium Marianne Felch
Flowers Sheila Daume
Scheduling Elaine Boehm
Wedding Coordinator Barbara Bispham
Docents Daphne McCarthy
Christmas Mailing Sheila Daume

View Siasconset's schedule of services here.