Memorial Services at the Chapel

For questions and more information about memorial services at Siasconset Union Chapel, please contact us.

Chapel Reservationist
Mary Will
(978) 621 5940

Resident Minister
The Reverend J. Carr Holland III
During the Chapel season, he may be reached at the Chapel Rectory at
P.O. Box 400
Siasconset, MA 02564
(508) 257.6616

Off-season, he may be reached at (973) 699-1629 or by email.

Music Director and Resident Musician, Protestant
Mollie Glazer
(508) 325-5935

Resident Musician, Catholic
St Marys Church
(508) 228-0100


Columbarium and Memorial Gardens

The Columbarium is governed by the Siasconset Union Chapel’s Board of Trustees. The Siasconset Union Chapel Columbarium wall niches are reserved for parishioners who are regular attendees at summer services of the protestant or catholic congregations and who is/are a giver of record at the Chapel.

There are two Columbarium Gardens as follows:

  • The East Garden has three walls with a total of 79 double niches. There are also 17 in-ground niches in the garden, the latter is no longer an available option for interment.
  • The West Garden has two walls consisting of 260 double niches.

Each double niche provides space for two Chapel-issued bronze urns. Third party urns may not be used.The East Garden urns for niches 1-37 measure 6”x 41/2”x 3”. The remainder of the East Garden niches and all of the West Garden niches hold an urn measuring 81/2”x 6”x 3”. The urns, after interment, are permanently sealed in these niches.

A niche space may be requested by letter or e-mail for individuals, or for a deceased partner, parent, or child who meet the following qualifications: applicants must be 40 years of age or older, a regular worshiper and a giver of record at the Chapel, and a present or former resident of ‘Sconset, permanent or seasonal for at least 5 years. Non-resident regular worshipers who meet attendance and donorship requirements may qualify.

Upon approval, a check made out to the Siasconset Union Chapel, is sent to the Columbarium Administrator. The current fee for reserving a half niche (one person) is $3,000. Please note that half niches are only offered in circumstances where the other half niche has already been reserved.

A meeting can be arranged with the administrator in the gardens to choose a niche. An acknowledgement letter will be sent for the purchaser’s records.

The interment fee may not be pre-paid and includes the required urn, plaque, opening & resealing of the niche. The current fee (as of 1/1/2024) is $1,200. A standard bronze name plaque will be affixed to the flagstone covering the niche. Completion of the plaques can take up to 6 weeks. Each plaque will contain the first, middle (or initial) and last name of the deceased, and the complete dates of birth and death. Titles and other wording are not permitted. The interment dates are coordinated through the Chapel calendar administrator (currently Mary Will), even if a memorial gathering is only planned in the garden. Arrangements for obtaining the urn are made with the Columbarium administrator.

There are no annual fees but donations to the Columbarium upkeep are always welcome.

Reserved niches may not be sold or transferred to other parties by the person reserving the niche.


The Columbarium Stele Wall

An additional option for direct in-ground interment of ashes is available in the West Garden. The Stele granite structure is located on the left at entrance to the West Garden. Applicants for the Stele should be a present resident of ‘Sconset, permanent or seasonal, for at least 5 years or a deceased child of a current niche holder. Placement of plaques occur at time of interment and positioning on the Stele cannot be reserved.

The current fee is $500 to reserve a designated space in the Columbarium Stele. The current interment fee for this option is $1,200, which includes a plaque on the Stele and in-ground placement of ashes.


Pet Columbarium

There is also a pet columbarium. Pet ashes may be scattered in a separate space in the West Garden. A Memory log is kept in the Chapel. Contact the Columbarium administrator for more information.


Rules for niche tops

No installation or placement of memorials such as plants, trees, sculptures, adornments or appurtenances will be permitted except with the approval of the Chapel Board. On a temporary basis, flowers (no glass), shells, flags and other small items are permitted on top of the niche.


Payment conditions

Funds will not be returned to a niche owner or other persons if the owner wishes to forfeit a reserved niche. 

Should the above costs cause hardship or distress to someone who wishes to be interred in the columbarium, he or she may contact the Columbarium administrator or the minister. The Board of Trustees will make a final decision. 

Robert Felch, Columbarium Administrator
PO Box 339, Siasconset, MA 02564

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