The Siasconset Union Chapel was built in 1883 as an ecumenical “House of Worship” and has hosted Protestant and Roman Catholic services for many years since. The Chapel is at the heart of the 'Sconset community. It is the meeting place for prayer, song, message, marriage, contemplation and a place for annual renewal and resumption of friendships.

The ‘Sconset Chapel property consists of the Chapel building, a parsonage, the community green and the memorial gardens with our Columbarium. In 2007, the Massachusetts Historical Commission granted an historic preservation restriction to the Chapel ensuring that it will remain as is for years to come.

Outreach Report

The Siasconset Union Chapel is blessed in so many ways. As members of the Outreach Committee, we are particularly grateful for the caring and generous community of which we are a part. It was because of your support last year that we raised more funds than ever, and were able to double the Chapel’s giving to those in need on Nantucket Island.

As you may know, the mission of the Outreach Committee is to provide support for “health and human services on Nantucket Island and beyond.” And, as you may have guessed, needs in those areas have only increased in recent years with so many livelihoods disrupted due to the persistent pandemic, the increased cost of living, interrupted school routines, and the scarcity of affordable housing for those who work on Nantucket. In 2021, the Committee was intent on focusing on housing and behavioral health needs for those who live year-round on the island.


How can you support ‘Sconset Chapel

Please review the Ways to Give page that provides more information on how you can help.

View of the Chapel

For Christmas Gift Giving

Consider ordering the book, Behold: The Siasconset Union Chapel, or a Christmas ornament for gift giving.


Letter from Rev.
J. Carr Holland III

Dear Friends of the Chapel:

The Chapel is focused on prayer and formation. We reopen each summer to offer a space where people may gather to support each other in the journey to know God, reflect on our lives in relation to Christ and tailor our responses to the ways and love of God.

Decades ago I met my first Anglican nun, Sister Judith, and ‘Yes’ there are protestant nuns. I asked, “Why this life of prayer, why five times a day, why a lifetime?” She rather simply said, “Many do not pray, so we carry their share and lift their burden even though they are unaware. We give glory to God where they may forget.” Every now and then I remember that the heart of the Christian journey is held in her words. We carry each other, aware or unaware. And we carry each other best when we turn Godward and open our deepest being, seeking wisdom for our lives and the lives of others.


Letter from the Board President

Summer  2022

Welcome to the Chapel’s 139th season! 

We look forward to opening our doors in June! Thank you for your ongoing generosity and support, which gives the Chapel the ability to carry out its mission. 

We hope to resume all worship services, activities and programs to a pre-pandemic schedule this summer. Thank you for your patience and understanding these past two years as we navigated uncharted territory with our gatherings. Catherine Saynor will lead the Worship Committee once again. They meet in the spring and throughout the summer, to evaluate the latest diocese and state recommendations, among the many other components of worship.


Worship Schedule

Protestant Services

Sundays 10:30 AM
June 12-Sept. 18

Thursday Prayer Service

Thursdays 8 AM
June 16-Sept. 15

Sunday Beach Service

Sundays 8 AM
July 3 & 17, Aug. 7 & 21, Sept. 4

Blessing of the Animals

July 17 & Aug. 21

Roman Catholic Masses

Sundays 8:45 AM
July 3-Sept. 4

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