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Thank you to all the volunteers who gave of their time and talent this summer to the chapel!

Mark Anderson, Susan Anderson, Barbara Bispham, Meg Blair, Lori Blair, Betsy Boe, Marianna Brewster, Patty Brown, Doug Brown, Ginnie Chambers, Mike Coleman, Maggie Cooley, Sue Cooper, Elizabeth Cote, Chris Crampton, Bill Crispin, Chip Cruice, Barbara Currier, Rhett Currier, Jim Duffy, Barbara Duffy,  Dave Dunn, Sheila Daume, Clement Durkes, Bob Felch, Marianne Felch, Lynn Filipski, Mark Filipski, Karyn Frist, Bob Gabriel, Ray Grubbs, Joe Hale, Patty Haines, Jeff Hanes, Stephanie Hodge, Ed Hodge, Judy Holding, Carr Holland, Julia Hobart, Hollie Holt, Jamie Holt, George Hubbs, Ginger Ivey, Chase Jackson, Randy Jacob, Ann Johnson, Johnny Johnson, Linda Kelly, John Lathrop, Donna Lockhart,  Jeff Lockhart, Talbot Logan, Linda Mackay, Mary Malavase, Deb Martin, Kip Martin, Daphne McCarthy, John McCarthy, Margaret McQuade, Charlie Mead, Lori Mead, Mary Warren Moffett, Laura Mueller, Ralph Mueller, Maxwell Mundy, Kit Murphy, Julia Ogilvy, James Ogilvy, Harry Pinson, Karen Pinson, Martha Polachi, Joan Porter, Noreen Poulson, Carver Queally, Elizabeth Queally, Bruce Rigdon, Mary Rigdon, Jay Riley, Gretchen Riley, Priscilla Roosevelt, Catherine Saynor, John Saynor,  Do Shockey, Mary Shockey, Lonnie Snyder, Alix St. Clair, Harriet Stephens, Mary Olive Stephens, Lynn Stroud, Bob Stroud, Jim Vaughter, Elinor Vaughter, Emma Ward, Eileen West, Mary Will, Nell Wilson, George Wilson, Betsy Wright, Joe Wright, Mimi Young, Marcella Zimmerman

“God be with you till we meet again”

In the meantime, please enjoy these photos from the Benefit Concert for Tulgey Wood with Courtenay Hardy & Alan Murchie.


Live Streaming from ‘Sconset Chapel

Services and activities in the Chapel will be streaming live from 7 AM - 7 PM daily right here on our website. This offering allows our Chapel community members to "virtually attend" services even if they cannot get to the chapel.



Missed the Sunday Service?

The Sunday 10:30 AM services with the sermon will be recorded for viewing by those who miss them beginning June 11. They will be available here each Monday following the service and will remain for 90 days.

View the Sunday, September 17, 2017 Service

View the Sunday, September 10, 2017 Service

View the Sunday, September 3, 2017 Service

View the Sunday, August 27, 2017 Service

View the Sunday, August 20, 2017 Service

View the Sunday, August 13, 2017 Service

View the Sunday, August 6, 2017 Service

View the Sunday, July 23, 2017 Service

View the Sunday, July 16, 2017 Service

View the Sunday, July 9, 2017 Service

View the Sunday, July 2, 2017 Service

View the Sunday, June 26, 2017 Service

View the Sunday, June 18, 2017 Service

View the Sunday, June 11, 2017 Service

Behold! Commemorative Book

What started out as a history of the Chapel's tradition of needlepoint kneelers turned into a history of the Chapel and its closely intertwined relationship with the village of 'Sconset. That book, Behold: The Siasconset Union Chapel, was published in 2008 and truly commemorates the chapel's rich history.

The beautiful book, written by Patricia Butler, photographed by Jeffrey Allen and designed by Kathleen Hay, features behind the scenes and amusing stories of chapel life, as well as its history and ministires. In addition, every one of the chapel's gorgeous, handmade kneelers is pictured in all its needlepoint glory. And, the book also features many excellent historic photographs which document the chapel's growth and evolution for much of its 129 years.

The book is for sale at the Chapel on Sundays and the Chapel is open to the public weekdays during the summer from 10 AM-12 PM. Behold is also available at island bookstores.

For more information or to order a copy for $50, please email or write to:

The Sconset Chapel Book Committee
c/o Sheila Daume
Box 604
Siasconset, MA 02564

All proceeds after the publication fees will go to the Chapel.

Christmas Ornament

Buy a Christmas ornament for $100 or work the canvas yourself for $50.


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2018 Dates TBD

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