The Siasconset Union Chapel was built in 1883 as an ecumenical “House of Worship” and has hosted Protestant and Roman Catholic services for many years since. The Chapel is at the heart of the “Sconset community. It is the meeting place for prayer, song, message, marriage, contemplation and a place for annual renewal and resumption of friendships.

The ‘Sconset Chapel property consists of the Chapel building, a parsonage, the community green and the memorial gardens with our Columbarium. In 2007, the Massachusetts Historical Commission granted an historic preservation restriction to the Chapel ensuring that it will remain as is for years to come.

Letter from the Board Chair

Spring 2014

From Catherine Saynor

Dear friends of the Chapel:

As I write this from sunny Florida, Nantucket is recovering from a harsh and snowy winter, hearts and minds are turning towards spring, daffodil weekend, and longer warmer days.  It is hard to believe that in just a couple of months many of us will be heading back to ‘Sconset and the joyful reopening of houses, the dusting off of the outdoor furniture and the penciling in of dates for the events of the season.  Just thinking about all of that makes me smile. And it will be a wonderful season. 


How can you support Sconset Chapel

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Rev. J. Carr Holland III Selected as New Minister


Spring 2014

Dear Friends in Christ,

As winter has faded into spring, my first summer as your minister is near.  I look forward to the newness of learning our life together at the Chapel. The winter has been punctuated with thinking about the weekly worship in addition to planning weddings, memorial services and baptisms. I think of our prayer and worship as a margin we create, a space we can enter and let go of what usually occupies us, a space where we see ourselves a little more clearly.  Here, too, is a space where we pause with one another, notice one another, wonder what God notices within us.  The Biblical image for this is Sabbath.

Sabbath has been described as time to rest in God.  Rest is sorting out what work means to us and not doing it for a time.  Of course our Sunday worship is Sabbath time, yet we need longer stretches than this hour of the week.  I wonder how much time on Island, itself, might be Sabbath and renewal.  Does it come once you arrive here or once the guests have come and gone? Do you find it on an early bluff walk, on the golf course, or mindfully gardening with a sense of the Creator’s joy?


Worship Schedule

Protestant Services

Sundays 10:30 AM
June 15, 2014
to September 21, 2014

Eucharist Healing Services

Thursdays 8 AM
Beginning June 19, 2014

Roman Catholic Services

Sundays 8:45 AM
June 29, 2014
to August 31, 2014

Sunday Beach Service

Sundays 8 AM
June 29, July 27 and August 24, 2014
'Sconset Beach, weather permitting,
call 508-257-6616 after 7:30 AM
if questionable